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Our free study pinpoints challenges and offers specific solution approaches that are emerging as a result of digitalisation in factory equipment and mechanical engineering. Our Media Centre provides a whole host of further information about digital engineering. The choice is yours:

The future of engineering

How digital is your company?

How safe is your data?

Digitalisation is a must

How to implement a digital strategy in mechanical engineering

Social collaboration in mechanical engineering

Digitalised processes and short throughput times are resulting in tougher requirements when it comes to engineering plant and factory equipment. This requires new strategies and appropriately modified online tools that perfectly complement existing CAD engineering software. Find out more in our free study.

Based on six key elements, our checklist will help you assess how well prepared your company is for digitalisation in mechanical engineering. The end result is a compact overview and specific recommendations tailored to your circumstances for every question.

As digitalisation continues to grow in the mechanical engineering sector, data security and data protection are becoming increasingly important. Our whitepaper sets out the typical risks that mechanical engineers face in the digital revolution and presents simple steps they can take to protect.

Even mechanical engineering companies need to go digital. However, it is all too easy to underestimate the requirements that go hand in hand with this switch. Our whitepaper sets out exactly why it is important to act now and explains how to attract digitally competent career starters.

The digital revolution is setting new industry standards – but, in practice, people still often think about this topic in purely theoretical terms. How do you take the first few steps when entering unfamiliar territory? The whitepaper uses two concrete approaches to demonstrate what digitalisation could mean for mechanical engineering companies – from boosting efficiency to opening up new business models.

Digital cooperation that crosses departmental and company boundaries – social collaboration in digital engineering is based on colleagues and teams sharing engineering data and their know-how online. Our whitepaper provides all the background information and shows you how your company can also benefit from social collaboration


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To actively shape the future of mechanical engineering. Our customers can already use high-performance item engineering software to make the most of the advantages that digital engineering offers and gain an edge over the competition. These tools are the basis for harnessing more than 40 years of innovation to create a digital workplace for all engineering tasks.


Digital Engineering

Design and engineering work in the factory equipment and mechanical engineering sectors has long since gone digital, but digital engineering goes one step further. State-of-the-art online tools seamlessly coordination with customers, partners and colleagues, and simple ordering processes for the components used in production.

What will mechanical engineering look like in the future?

This free study pinpoints challenges and offers specific approaches that are emerging as a result of digitalisation in factory equipment and mechanical engineering. Digital engineering is already widely established in large companies but SMEs can also profit from the trend toward digitalisation. Our study offers an insight into how businesses can harness the digital revolution to boost their working efficiency and be the first to conquer new fields of business.

How well prepared is your company for digitalisation in mechanical engineering?

However big or small your company is, digitalisation offers countless opportunities for mechanical engineering businesses to get a genuine edge on the competition and safeguard their future. Our checklist sets out specific issues that every company should take into account. It offers a quick and comprehensive overview of easily resolved weak points and provides effective support for planning the next steps in your digitalisation strategy.

Data security and data protection in mechanical engineering

Due to their efficient networking and the value of their engineering data, mechanical engineering companies are automatically a tempting target for cyber criminals. However, the biggest actual threat comes from just a small number of attack scenarios. Our whitepaper offers a clear explanation of how you can effectively protect yourself from these specific attack types and therefore makes a key contribution to data security and thus data protection in your company.

The opportunities and prerequisites of digitalisation

Digitalisation is having a massive impact on mechanical engineering and design processes, but a lot of the best-practice examples come from large companies. It is not surprising that SMEs often wonder how much digitalisation really affects them. From training the next generation of engineers to exploring infrastructure, our whitepaper shows just how urgently businesses need to roll out a digital strategy. It also explains how companies can present themselves as an attractive employer for the long term.

The digital future in mechanical engineering

The digital revolution is also setting new standards in mechanical engineering, while design requirements are becoming ever more stringent. How can mechanical engineering companies remain competitive and keep up with the pressure to innovate in an increasingly digital world? This free whitepaper offers strategic approaches for doing just that.

Harnessing innovation through collaboration

Digital engineering offers the advantage of intuitive operation and global access to data. This networking aspect is also paving the way for a new form of teamwork known as social collaboration. By sharing data and knowledge in online communities, you can save a great deal of time, not to mention establish new types of business relations and an enhanced culture of innovation. Using practical examples, our whitepaper introduces you to the world of social collaboration.

Processes and procedures in factory equipment and mechanical engineering will become increasingly digital over the next five years.


Based on a survey of 141 engineers and decision-makers from the factory equipment and mechanical engineering sectors, carried out as part of the item study “What will mechanical engineering look like in the future? Practical added value from digital engineering for process efficiency

Average number of days that cyber criminals have access to inadequately protected systems before they are discovered:


The number of engineers in Germany expected to enter retirement by 2029:


“Before they can develop a digital strategy, all companies must first decide what digitalisation really means for them.”

In the whitepaper, you’ll find strategic approaches to developing digital strategies in mechanical engineering. Not only that, but Prof. Frank Piller (professor of technology and innovation management at RWTH Aachen University) shares some of his practical expertise in innovation and change management.

“We will only be able to secure Europe’s reputation as an industrial hotspot if we collectively utilise our know-how to become better and faster.”

Tobias Nentwig, item expert for social collaboration

Practical added value from digital engineering for process efficiency

Six steps to optimising your digitalisation strategy!

Five typical risks for mechanical engineers in the digital revolution!

The mechanical engineering sector needs to prepare for these changes!

Strategic approaches for a digital strategy in mechanical engineering

How mechanical engineering benefits from social collaboration

The results of our study reveal clear trends in this respect, showing which aspects are key for such developments and what is important when it comes to choosing the right cooperation partners. Simply complete the form and download the study for free.

Our checklist shows you at a glance what it all comes down to when implementing digital engineering. Simply complete the form and download the checklist and evaluation sheet for free.

We present the most common tools used by cyber criminals and show how you can minimise the chances of a successful attack. Simply complete the form and download the whitepaper for free.

We show just how much digitalisation is already shaping mechanical engineering and will continue to do so. Simply complete the form and then download the whitepaper for free.

This whitepaper outlines two different concrete scenarios to show you what a future-proof digital strategy for mechanical engineering companies could look like in practice. Simply complete the form and download the whitepaper for free.

Read our whitepaper to discover how you can master social collaboration with the right tools and corporate culture. Simply complete the form and then download the whitepaper for free.

Why wait for the future? The high-performance item online configurators and the item Engineeringtool can help you benefit from the opportunities that digitalisation offers for mechanical engineering right now.

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